Last week I went on holiday to Eastbourne with my family (15 of us this year!) which we have done every year since I was very young. I always look forward to the holiday and for the past few years we have been incredibly lucky with the weather. This year it was super hot for the first 3 days and so we spent loads of time on the beach and I even went in the sea a few times! It's so nice to be able to spend a week with my grandparents and cousins as we don't see each other that much through the year. 

I love that we always have certain things that we have to do when we're there. Such as having an icecream in Fusciardi's and walking along the promenade to see what's happening in the bandstand (this year we watched a bit of a Michael Buble tribute haha). We also spend a lot of time at the tennis club by the beach as there's a tournament that my Grandad plays in (in the 80+ yrs category!) and we always have a barbeque back at the campsite. It's a very English holiday and even better when the sun is shining, although even if it's cold we still brave the weather and sit on the beach!


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  2. Are these swimsuits vintage? They're adorable :)


    1. Mine is from ASOS and my sister's is from Cath Kidston! Thankyou :)

  3. Nice pictures! I lvoe your round glasses I wish I could have a pair too, but they don't fit me

  4. i miss going on holiday with my extended family so much (i think my parents think i've grown out of family holidays but i really havent haha!) i loveee your hair by the way! Xxx

  5. Super cute! I love the photos. So funny for me to think about the beach being cold.... I'm from California and right now I'm vacationing in Hawaii... All my beaches are HOT!

    Kate from Clear the Way

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  6. Sounds like a lovely family holiday, very brave to go in the sea aha, but I'd love to test the English waters myself actually hahaxx

  7. Aw I wish I went on a big holiday with my extended family, it would be so fun! x


  8. Such beautiful pics! Sounds like a lovely holiday :-) I love this top on you also, really nice print x x

    Katharine from kathykins.com


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