Swimsuit | ASOS, Shorts | ASOS,  
Shoes | Primark, Sunglasses | H&M

While I was at the beach I thought I'd take some outfit photos featuring this ASOS swimsuit because I love it so so much. Swimsuits are so much more flattering than bikinis - I hate getting my belly out!. I'd saved it in my basket on ASOS for so long I thought I should probably just buy it so I could stop thinking about it! I don't know what it is about online shopping but I'm far less impulsive than I am in a real life shop. I also bought the shorts (culottes is an odd word) in the same ASOS order and they are exactly what I was looking for. I basically just wanted a small black skirt and I love culottes because they give you extra security from flashing your pants.

This was a nice day, and I did go in the sea with my yellow ring. I'm sad the photos are bad quality and I didn't get a great background, there were so many people around I had to get my sister to take them as quickly as possible!


  1. I love the look of your photos they have that old, polaroid feel to them, how do you edit them?



  2. Looks like a lovely day! Very jealous of the yellow ring aha, I'm a swimsuit girl too, especially urban outfitters ones, they have the best patterns!xx


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